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Brooks Ivey
Graduate Assistant Coach

After serving a year as an assistant coach for the Peru State softball program, Brooks Ivey (Falls City) was hired this fall to serve as a graduate assistant for the next two years.

Ivey is a 2014 graduate of Peru State with a degree in physical education with a coaching endorsement. He is currently enrolled in a master of science in organization degree specified in sport and recreation management from Wayne State.

Since his enrollment at Peru State in the fall of 2010, Ivey has worked with the athletic department’s sports information department as a statistician. He began working with football, basketball, baseball and softball, and recently has learned the techniques necessary to stat volleyball. In addition to his statistical responsibilities, Ivey has worked on the department’s website management, written press releases, and has assisted with other game management duties.

During the 2013-14 season, Ivey served as a student assistant with the men’s basketball program.

As a graduate assistant for the softball program, Ivey assists with practice and game coaching duties, provides scouting reports for the other teams, and aides in the development of strategies and techniques for the Bobcat players.

Previously, Ivey has served as an assistant football coach for the Falls City High School football team and as an assistant baseball coach for the Falls City American Legion.

Ivey is pleased to be in this role for the Bobcats. He commented, “Having participated in sports while at Falls City and then helping coach in the community, I knew I wanted to continue coaching in some aspect.” Adding, Ivey stated, “I appreciate the opportunity Coach Mathews and the Peru State athletic department have given me, not only now as a graduate assistant, but over the last six years.”